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Prawn Kebab: Seafood Recipe

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Prawn kebab - Persian Food

Prawn kebab is an authentic Malabar recipe. Non vegetarians love to eat prawns and they want to include this food in several dishes. You can use prawn, the seafood to make yummy starters. In coastal regions, prawn is highly consumed by the non veggie foodies. Making kebab is not difficult and cooking prawns is easy. If you have a fetish for kebabs, try prawn kebab recipe.

Prawn kebab, seafood recipe:

Prawn kebab - Iranian Food-Persian Cuisine-Persian Cooking

1-Prawns- 8-10
2-Ginger garlic paste- 3-4tsp
3-Curd- 2 cups
4-Cream- 2 cups
5-Gram flour- 3tsp
6-Lemon juice- 3tsp
8-Butter- 2tsp
9-Cumin seeds- 1tsp
10-White pepper- 1tsp
11-Clove, powdered- 2

1-Wash and clean the prawns properly. Shed them for 15 minutes.
2-In a bowl, whisk the curd and cream to make a smooth paste. 3-Add the powdered clove, gram flour and white pepper powder in the curd paste. Mix well.
4-Now, add the prawns and salt to the paste and mix gently. Cover the bowl with a silver foil. Refrigerate the mix for approx 2 hours.
5-Take it out of the refridgerator and leave for 30 minutes to bring it to room temperature.
6-Meanwhile, heat tandoor. Cook the prawn in tandoor for 30 minutes. When the prawns turn golden brown, coat the pieces with butter. Cook it in the oven for 10 minutes.
Prawn kebabs are ready to eat. You can have it with chilli sauce.

Points to remember:
1-The shells should be firm. Never buy broken shell prawns. They can be unhygienic.
2-Buy medium sized raw prawns that are firm. Smaller prawns are sweet and are easy to cook too!
3-Avoid storing prawns in refrigerator for more than 2 days. It is best to buy and cook on the same day.
4-Keep the prawns in the shell unless you cook them. This keeps the prawn pieces fresh.
5-If you have bought frozen prawns, store in the freezer till you use them. Defrost before cooking to enjoy the flavour and taste of fresh prawns.

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