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The most famouse dish in Isfahan is Beryani which is known in all of Iran as Isfahan food.This dish is made of mutton or lamb which is ground/minced and then cooked on one side in a special small pan over open fire. Berian is generally eaten with a certain type of bread, known as “nan-e-taftun”.


And Restaurants in Isfahan
Restaurants in Isfahan serve both local Iranian cuisine, fast food and international delicasies. Dishes are usually of high quality and prepared of fresh ingredients. Rice is the staple food in Iran cuisine, often served coloured or flavoured. Iranian food is not ususally spicy. Rice is often served with meat or chicken. The most popular Iranain dish is a rice and kebab dish named Chelo Kebab. It is often served with vegetables like onions and tomatoes. Food is very reasonably priced. As alcohol is illegal in Iran it is not served in restaurants in Isfahan.
The most famous traditional dishes in Isfahan are:

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